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Who is behind this project ?

Shams and Manon are the 2 Volunteers who started this project. 

Shams Abou El Enein is a Swiss Film Director and Producer who started filming short films for a local monthly film contest at age 12. He attended the S.A.E. Institute Geneva and Vancouver Film School. His short movie EMERENTIA was selected in the Bloody Cuts Horror Film Contest 2013. He also directed MECHANICS OF LIFE in 2014 and released SEMEDEE in 2019 selected at VIP fest.

Working for BuzzBorthers Sàrl, he is currently making commercials for global brands such as HONDA, NESTLE, JTI etc.

In June 2019, he shot SAMOS – THE FACES OF OUR BORDER, a feature length documentary, his last personal project.

Manon Gay-Crosier  is a Swiss med student and helps Shams all along this project. Although she works in the shadow, her inspiration, help with getting interviewees, her patient work selecting festival, and much more was invaluable to this project.

4 illustrators created the material for the animated parts of the film.

Mathilde Heu is a Swiss illustrator who now lives and works in London. 

Yoann Monet is Swiss motion designer. 

Élodie Armengaud is a French painter and artist. 

Fabienne Moret is a Swiss illustrator.


The sound has been mixed by Benoit.

Benoit Ravanel is a French sound engineer.

… and so many other people helped bring this project to life. Thank you.

Thank you to all the amazing people who gave their time and energy to make this project come to life. You are all amazing.