Powerlessness is the most common feeling we’ve seen expressed by people that care about the situation on Samos, or in general about the refugee european crisis. 

It’s not easy to know where to start, but here are some clues on how you can be part of the change that needs to happen.

1. Keep yourself informed

You’ll find more sources that you can use to get to know better the situation on our Useful links page. 

As for health professionals and students, you might be interested in doing the free Refugee and Elderly Global Health e-Learning Program & Certification (english/french) developped by the CCIRH (Canadian Collaboratino for Immigrant and Refugee Health).

2. Volunteer

Humansnation is a Swiss NGO that will put you in touch with NGOs on the field for free.

Indigo Volunteer is a platform that matches volunteers and NGOs, for free.

You can also directly contact NGOs on Samos such as Med’Equali TeamStill I RiseSamos Volunteers,  Glocal Roots (We Are One)Refugee4RefugeesRefugee Law Clinic Berlin .

If you are looking for testimonies about people who volunteered in Greece, here are two documentaries: Volunteer and Volontaires.

3. Donate money

If you’re willing to financially support NGOs on Samos, here are some options.

Med’Equali Team is a small clininc run by volunteers which is completely funded by private donations. Your donation will be used to pay for medicines, medical material and to keep the clinic running.

Still I Rise founded Mazì, the first school for refugee children living in the Samos hotspot, in Greece. They help the children through education and psycho-social support.

Samos Volunteers founded Alpha Centre, where they give language classes and recreational activities for adults. Twice a day, they organise children activities with songs and games. They also offer a laundry station, only place where people in the camp can get their clothes cleaned and dried. 

Glocal Roots founded We Are One in Samos providing a safe space for women and young children on Samos. It has also different projects supporting displaced women in Greece.

Refugee4Refugees founded a free store and provides clothing and hygiene items to refugees living in and around the official Reception and Identification Centers of  Samos, as well as recreational activities for children of the camp.


Refugee Law Clinic Berlin gives people access to justice. With your donation to the Refugee Law Clinic Berlin e.V. you set a sign for justice and humanity and help us to continue to give people access to justice in the future.

4. Support remotely

You might have neither the opportunity to travel abroad nor the money to donate, but you have the motivation to give some time and energy. Don’t hesitate to contact us or the listed NGOs on our links to offer your help. 

Think about your skills and how it can be useful.

Here are some examples : translating and/or proofreading documents/posts/websites (we are personnally currently in great need of help for the subtitles of our documentary), designing a website, managing the social media pages, websites or documents, organising a fundraiser, writting a (open) letter to a politician in your region, organising an event or projection about the migration crisis for your local community…