Scheduled for release in Swiss theaters on June 9, 2021
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Samos – The Faces of Our Border is a documentary about the people and the refugee crisis on Samos, a greek island and Europe’s implications in this affair. It’s made of more that 25 interviews of people on the front (-ier). 

It depicts the failure of the last years of European migrations politics.


Scheduled for release in Swiss theaters on June 9, 2021. 

(Genève - Cinémas Bio et CDD, Zinéma Lausanne, Cinéma Minimum Neuchâtel, 
Cinéma Rex Vevey, Cinéma Plaza Monthey, Cinéma Royale St Croix, Cinéma Oron, etc.) 

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How did the project start ?

In June 2019, when we chose to go and volunteer with the refugees in Europe, we started to look up information about the crisis. We knew very little about what happened on the field and were suprised to see how difficult it was to find reliable, updated and easy to access information. 

Because it’s simply not in the news.

So we decided to make a documentary that shows the complexity of the situation, to let people know what is currently happening on our land, in the EU.

It was not my idea to go volunteering, it was a first to me. I looked it up on internet, and did not find much informations. But once there, I realized that I had strictly no idea of what was going on at the frontiers of Europe and that I was pretentious thinking that I knew what migrations and migrants was. This is the movie I wish I had seen before going on the ground.

Shams ABOU EL ENEIN – Film director

Once in Samos, we interviewed as many people as we could, migrants, volunteers and locals. Through their many eyes, our purpose was to paint the bigger picture.


In Samos – The Faces of Our Border, you will hear their stories, their thoughts, their opinions and their expertise on the matter.

Lisa Henry - Funder of the Jozy Film Festival

I was moved by the very human stories collected by filmmaker Shams Abou El Enein from the refugee camp on Samos 

M. Aidan Gromoll, MD

Wow, what I have watched has been really beautiful, moving, true and educational. I have learned a lot. It is an honor and privilege to be part of this piece.

Test screener

Thank you for doing this. I believe it’s a really important work, and it could change some people’s opinions about the current situation. It’s something to know or hear about these situations. It’s a whole different story to see and understand it better.


The Hotspot, first reception facility on the Greek island of Samos, is located on the side of Vathy, town of 7,000 inhabitants.

The official camp was built for 700 people. Because of the slow asylium process and the regular arrivals, 4,000 people were, at the time the documentary was made, (June 2019) surviving there, in inhumaine conditions.


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